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Founder and CEO

“I am privileged to work with young people in South Africa. Together we address poverty, lack of educational, leadership, skills development and social support to make this country better.”






“My work in the NPO sector, where I work with youth challenges and struggles, has really shown that the way forward in our beautiful country lies with OUR youth. Empowering them with the necessary skill sets and the Future is a much brighter one.

I have seen this work and I will stand by it.”




”I believe that it is important to give young people an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, and allowing them to freely express themselves.Young people need to have at least one person in their life that they are able to share with and be comfortable with I want to be that person for young people not judging them not undermining them but just been there when they need to talk.”

You can make a difference, empower and motivate.

EMPOWER and motiVATE the next generation of active citizens.

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