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Empowering and motivating new generations of active citizens and change agents through skills development and showcase events.


The Youth Citizens Action Programme (YCAP) is our youth development competition-based programme and our IMPACT FOCUS is the EMPOWERMENT and MOTIVATION of children and youth through conscientiously teaching leadership skills and competencies for them to become ACTIVE CITIZENS and social entrepreneurs in their communities.

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"Since YCAP was formed in 2009, we have seen such amazing young people gain the skills and motivation they needed to become life-long active citizens."
Amanda Blankfield-Koseff - Founder & CEO
Empowervate & YCAP


Empowervate YCAP Design Competition

Design/create a piece according to the theme – winning designs will be featured on our t-shirts and hoodies! DESIGN COMPETITION.We are launching a DESIGN COMPETITION.Design or create a piece with the theme ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP in mind – your design has to be catchy and fresh!.The winning design will be printed on our next range of

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Empowervate, and therefore YCAP operates on a lean model and are thus able to streamline processes, to address change and programme requirements quickly and effectively, all while focusing on the value of what we aim to achieve.

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Our lean model not only allows us to focus on what is most important to our vision, mission and goals and subsequently allows us to reach thousands of participants each year, but also ensures our sustainability – we’ve been at it for 12 years (or since 2009)

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From a Global Perspective, YCAP and therefore Empowervate is aligned with various Sustainable Development Goals, thus following the blueprint to help achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

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What is YCAP?

Powered by Empowervate trust, The Youth Citizens Action Programme or YCAP is a youth development competition-based programme that focuses on the empowerment, motivation and skills acquisition of a new generation of active citizens.


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