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Low cost ideas for the holidays


A holiday is an extended period of leisure and recreation. Before the holiday begins we all have ideas bustling about in our heads however most likely we would have exhausted our list of recreational activities by the end of the first week. Our latest video games become banal , our songs become mundane, our excitement subsides. So here are some ideas which strictly abide by the definition of holiday that will refuel you and make your holiday a happening time:

1- Learn some new skills: Learning is always fun. There are various online courses available on your subject may it be science or arts. For example I am not very dexterous with computers hence did not take up computing as a subject at school however always repented to miss out on coding. During this holiday I found an online course on the same by Khan Academy that introduces the basics of coding and does not require any prior knowledge about computers. For those interested in the same I am attaching the link – . Many exciting and self explanatory art videos are available on YouTube which teach painting techniques giving an edge to your artwork.

2- Organize potluck with friends: It is a great way to catch up and also have a fun day. A small picnic in the countryside or an open park would be an ideal spot. One can carry it on to a sleepover  and watch favorite movies with friends.

3- Pretend you are a tourist in your own hometown: Every city and almost every town has something that people go there to visit, yet most of the locals never do those things. They are usually inexpensive or even free, and you can find out about them on your city or state’s website.

Look out for museums, monuments and amusement parks.

4- Go Geocaching- It is a very exciting treasure hunt that happens throughout the world. Make your free account and then just enter your zip code to locate little treasures hidden in your city. Follow the map or gps to reach the treasure! For further information and creating an account the link is provided below –

5- Go to the bookstore: You don’t even have to buy anything. Sit in a corner and spend some time reading books of your choice while sipping on some coffee.

6- Go for auctions: Limit yourself to a hundred rand budget and check if you are able to get a good bargain. More than that an I feel an auction is really exciting with all the organized chaos.

7- Go for some social service: It will allow you to interact with various people simultaneously benefitting both community. May it be an orphanage or an old home spend a day and I assure you, it feels good.

The list is endless you just have to be creative. So go and live life king size.

Sayandeep Biswas (BIC)

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