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How To Overcome Failure

don't give up

Failure; a situation in life where we fail to meet our targets. A time where we feel disappointed and depressed but the question is how to make failure a stepping stone to success and not a setback. Following is a story which applies to everyone which one can adopt to surf over their failures.

In grade 3 I first appeared in a math competitive exam. With a lack of experience and knowledge the exam was an obstacle too great. I failed to achieve what I wanted. It was a failure for me. I was shocked and surprised at the same time. This was a time when I realized that considering this as my setback will only pull me down. I took it as a challenge and set goals for the next year. I worked towards them with determination. However the next time I was still short from my goal. It was a failure for me. AGAIN!! I was depressed. Then the question I asked myself was what have I gained from taking my first failure sportingly. It was after a while I realized that my maths had improved by leaps and bounds. Also my ranking was much better this time. From my experience I realized that there is nothing such as failure. You may not meet your set goal however there would many things that you would have unknowingly achieved.

Failure is a lesson which only teaches you. It makes you strong so accept it and not run away from it. Failure improves your determination it teaches you how to fight back. Positive acceptance of failure only improves you. Remember that it is important to win the war and not battles. Failure in small things are often what teach you the mantra which helps you win the battle of life

Sayandeep Biswas

British International College (As-Level – Grade 11)

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