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Tips for going back to school


Each year is a new beginning. Coming back to school brings new challenges and opportunities. However, with all the positivity there can also be a bag full of confused emotions. These feelings are especially aggravated when one begins their year in a new school.

The possible feelings may include:

1:Pressured- To get it right, to get your dream grade, to excel.
2:Skeptical- About new teachers, the new syllabus
3:Scared- About not performing one’s best, being bullied, not making friends.
4:Vulnerable- About teachers who may pick up on them, peers who tease them.
5:Wary- Of looking stupid, letting oneself down.

The factor which affects one the most is definitely our peers. They are people from whom we expect support, help and most importantly a true friendship. Like the famous quote “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in light”. Our hassles and anxiety will seem to evaporate if we have right friends however falling in wrong company will be disastrous.

Peer pressure is defined as the influence of a peer group, observers, or an individual exerts influence that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to those of the influencing group or individual. Many often consider peer pressure to be synonymous to manipulation leading to bad habits such as smoking, drinking etc. However, it is not true. The influence of a peer may also be positive such as one may be encouraged to study in a group if they feel bored while studying alone. Often peers can encourage one to perform better by helping them discover their true potential. Hence, the most difficult part is to choose right friends. Here are a few tips which can help one to choose a right friend.

1-Find trustworthy people- One of the most important characteristics of a friend is their ability to be trusted. Finding those that you can rely on is essential in order to form a strong friendship

2-Choose supportive people- When choosing between friends, ask yourself if they will always be there for you. You should find a friend who is willing to support you through difficult situations, whether they’re major or minor.

3-Avoid overly dominant people- A healthy friendship allows both people to have a reasonable amount of control. If one person is bossing the other around, it becomes a dangerous relationship that may cause potential harm in the future

4-Stay away from manipulative people- These people may trick you into making choices that you don’t want to choose. They may also manipulate you for their own gain. You should learn to recognize the signs of being controlled, especially if they are harming you with their selfish actions. Understand that good friends are accepting and understanding

5-Avoid gossipers- Good friends will keep secrets and avoid telling lies about you. Ensure that they are not spreading rumors concerning you and your life.

6-Leave bullies behind- Make sure that your friends aren’t bullying people, including you. If you find that they are tormenting people, gather evidence before confronting them. Firmly let them know that people dislike bullies.

Just remember do not be over critical and judgmental while choosing correct friends. Some people may be repelling in nature at first but make good friends. Remember that good friends wait, you can’t force friendship neither can you make it successful. Experiment and talk with many different people and you’ll have a higher chance of finding that right friend.

By Sayandeep Biswas (BIC)

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