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Vision, Mission, Goals


Our vision is to create an environment that cultivates a new generation of empowered and motivated children and youth who are active and responsible citizens.


Our mission is to assist the transformation and social cohesion of the country through the empowerment and motivation of children and youth.


Our goals are formulated to not only align with specific Sustainable Development Goals from a Global Perspective but also to impact home-based specific challenges.  

  •  Intervention to promote transformation and alleviation of poverty by empowering children and youth through cultivating critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Education enrichment and outreach programmes for the poor and needy as priorities, but not to the exclusion of others through promoting and supporting the implementation of Y-CAP in schools across the country.
  • Promotion of social cohesion and community development through enabling young people from different races, cultures, religions and language groups to interact and learn from one another at our showcase events 

Through our partnerships, we strive to achieve our goals not within a specific timeframe, but on a continuous basis for as long as is needed.

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