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YCAP National Virtual Workshop 16 May 2024

We had 90 participants in the virtual workshop for an hour and a quarter from across the country including teacher, learners, support team managers and the Department of Basic Education National, Provincial and District coordinators.

Please find the PowerPoint that was presented at the workshop:

Q&A tips from the workshop:

You can have more than one group and do a mini competition to choose which is the most impactful project to send to district round. The rubric is below, but if you need more assistance please let us know.

You can change your team members or topic but please put that new info on the front page of your portfolio

You must bring the printed porfolio (make at least 1 copy too) and your PowerPoint on a usb for the district round

Ask your district official for which date in June/July the event will take place

We adjudicate the primary and secondary schools separately

You can group a mixture of grades in one team from the same age category

The portfolio counts the most as it has all the evidence of your project that you collected while doing the project, so spend the most time on that. Then you can spend time on the oral presentation with PowerPoint and lastly, the cultural piece can be very short or up to 5 minutes and is to foster social cohesion.

You will use the same portfolio for the district to provincial to national rounds but you will make improvements to it as you get feedback from the adjudicators

Final date for application forms to be submitted is 31 May. No exceptions.

Present in English – use this as an opportunity to improve skills and confidence as we do not deduct any points for errors in language or grammar.

Remember that this is a learner-led project with teachers as mentors or guides

For more detailed explanations on the steps, we have this workshop:


Here is the adjudication rubric

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