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What is the Youth Citizen Action Programme (YCAP)?

The Youth Citizens Action Programme (YCAP) is a youth development programme that empowers, skills and motivates new generations of active citizens. The programme is powered by Empowervate Trust (NPO 132-121) in collaboration with the National Department of Basic Education and National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

Why Principals and SMTs should promote YCAP in their schools

All schools or communities have some social, environmental, educational and economic challenges. Many of these issues can be solved from a ground-up approach by giving learners the opportunity to brainstorm solutions, and to give them a sense of ownership to ensure the problems
are solved.

Giving learners the opportunity of becoming agents of change with positive values is a positive way to boost their confidence and self-esteem as well as development of practical skills, such as:

Communication, Organization, Project management, Team work, Leadership, Time management, Discipline, Commitment, Perseverance, Public speaking and Information Technology.

Participating in the YCAP programme will assist in creating a team of proactive learners in the school who are positive role models for other learners. The added benefit is the prize money at national level for the YCAP team to expand their project or start a new one. YCAP is powered by Empowervate and endorsed by and implemented in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education, and Provincial and District Departments of Education.

Should RCLs be involved?

Yes, this is a great platform for Representative Learner Councils and Teacher Liaison Officers as it is a practical programme that will upskill learners in project management, leadership, public speaking, IT, time management and positive values. However, we do not restrict participation to RCLs – the school can either audition members to join the three or more teams of 4 learners, where the team that implemented the best project is sent to represent the school at the district level event.

Where does this programme fit in the curriculum?

YCAP fits most naturally into Economic Management Science and Life Orientation. The programme encourages a problem-solving and values-driven mindset, which is the precursor to social entrepreneurship. Since there is a major unemployment problem for youth in our country, this is one important solution.

Why teachers will want to lead a YCAP programme

Teachers also gain the above mentioned skills such as project management and presentations. Many teachers also find that they learn so much from their learners through this ground-up approach. Teachers have the benefit of being coaches to their YCAP teams, which builds morale and positivity in the school. Teachers get the opportunity to attend the district level competition with their learners and the teachers receive certificates of participation. If the teams get through to provincial level and then national level, the teachers get prizes as well.

The commitment that we are asking teachers to make is to be a coach for your Y-CAP team – to guide them along the Y-CAP journey and motivate them to persevere and strive to succeed in making a positive impact on their school, community and themselves.

How to get involved

The teacher who will mentor the team for the YCAP project will recruit teams from Grade 5 to 12. They will submit the application form and then receive the YCAP Toolkit which has the Teacher’s and Official’s Guide that explains the rules, competition and timelines as well as the step-by-step
instruction glossy magazine on how to run the project. The programme will empower and motivate the teams to be active citizens and change agents.

You are never too young (or old) to make positive changes in your school or community. This programme will give you the tools to show you how to make these changes and you will be recognized and rewarded for your efforts – you’ll be the new positive role models in your school and community.

You will have a district showcase event where you can share the learnings and positive impact your team made, and you can strive to take your team to the provincials and even nationals where you’ll represent your province and ultimately our country as young leaders, but just by participating and completing your project you are already winners because you made positive changes to challenges in your school or community. *The events may be online or in-person – TBC.

How do we get started?

  1. Complete the YCAP application form and email. to Empowervate and your Department of Education district office
    between before 31 March 2024
  2. The Department/Empowervate will send the school an emailed and/or hard copy of the YCAP
    Toolkit which has the Teacher’s and Official’s Guide that explains the rules, competition and
    timelines as well as the step by step instruction glossy magazine on how to run the project.
  3. The workshops for new schools will be Feb – April and then district events will be in May-June,
    followed by Provincials and The National Championships in October

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