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How We Do It

Grade 5 – 12 learners are invited to from teams of one to four to participate in Y-CAP, the programme will empower you to be active citizens – you are never too young or old to make positive changes in your school and community.

Through our toolkit, participants will be guided on how to make these changes and will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts and the district competition, becoming positive role models in their schools and communities. Participant should strive to take their teams to the provincials and nationals where they will represent their provinces and ultimately the country as young leaders.

– All participants who submit their completed projects are already winners, making a positive change to challenges in their schools and communities. –

Participants receive certificates at district, provincial and national level; prizes for the top teams at provincial level; and awesome prizes per category at national level. Our national level category winners receive prize money to grow their projects and learners in the top Primary and Secondary Category get prizes that will enable them to expand their connections and knowledge.

The commitment we ask from teachers is to be a coach and mentor for your Y-CAP team, to guide them along the Y-CAP journey and motivate them to persevere and strive to succeed in making a positive impact in their school, community and themselves.

As Y-CAP coaches and mentors, teachers get the opportunity to attend the district levels competition with their learners and they also receive certificates of participation. Teacher coaching and mentoring teams going through to provincial level and then nationals get prizes as well.


  1. Fill out the online entry form at under the competitions tab or click here.
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