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Enter the Change Agent Awards 2024

The Change Agent Award aims to encourage participants of YCAP, from the inception in 2010 to showcase the success, impact, the sustainability of the projects and new projects they have launched using YCAP tools and processes.

There are three categories:

  1. Former participants of the teams that have completed and submitted their projects, showing how Y-CAP impacted them personally as well as the sustainability of their projects since submission.
  2. Mentors – Teachers or Officials who are implementing the Y-CAP toolkit for school, community or personal projects, showing the personal impact and the impact it has on their students.
  3. Individuals who are using the Y-CAP toolkit for school, community or personal projects, showing the impact.


All YCAP participants from the past six years are encouraged to come forward with the following information as a summary cover sheet for the application form:

  1. What did you learn through YCAP?
  2. Is your original project still continuing? Give updates
  3. Have you started new projects since the original project?
  4. Discuss the highlights, impact and sustainability report of all the projects (include evidence and testimonials in the form of a powerpoint presentation or video that you can present if you win)
  5. if possible, give your plan for how your successful project can be replicated in other areas/schools/communities


There will be prizes and an invitation to an award ceremony where the top entrants from each category will be recognised and awarded

Examples of projects that are replicable and sustainable:

  1. A school in the Eastern Cape decreased faction fighting in the rural community
  2. A school in Gauteng introduced peer learning to improve marks
  3. A school in Northern Cape did a campaign to break the silence around rape
  4. A school in North West started a textbook campaign to collect unused textbooks for use in the schools
  5. A school in KZN did a wellness programme where they improved the nutritional content of the boarding school meals, introduced exercise classes at the school and made fruit and water available in the classrooms
  6. A school in Northern Cape raised funds to fence in a graveyard next to the school that was being disrespected by learners as the municipality could not assist
  7. A school in Eastern Cape reduced late coming and introduced early bird classes
  8. A school in Mpumalanga designed a plan for a scholar patrol and traffic humps as their school is on a national road. They campaigned at the Traffic Department for their plan to be actioned and they succeeded.

 Download the PDF version of the Application form here

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