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All Possibilities Exist

Ilana Bernstein3

Just like a fingerprint, everyone is unique in their own special way. Everyone has something to contribute to this world. Why else would we be here? Why us? Even the smallest thing, like making another person smile, is adding light and good energy into the universe. Positively touching the life of another is a beautiful gift.

Think about children, they all have a unique way of feeling, thinking and interacting with others. Every child experiences things differently, even siblings do not think or feel the same way. This is because each person experiences the very same thing differently.

Some children are shy, some are outgoing. Some are active and others are less active. Some children are fretful, while others are calm.

We also have different creative outlets. Some people like to paint or draw, while others like to dance or sing. Some people like to make or discover things. Or go to the theatre, or play and act. Some people like to work out how things are put together or find new ways of doing things. Some read novels and imagine beautiful, far-away places, or write poetry. Even maths can be creative to a mathematician!

There is no need to worry about being like everyone else! No one is the same in the first place! Embrace your unique qualities and your “differences”. Try new things and don’t worry about making mistakes. Mistakes are a great learning experience. Many mistakes show how creative you were in searching for different possibilities! There is no shame or embarrassment in making mistakes. Who said there was anyway? Who’s truth is that?

It takes courage to be different. Sometimes people don’t understand what we are doing or why we are doing it. That’s ok. Who wants to be just like everyone else anyway? Then we would all be average people, doing average things, living an average life in an average world, enjoying life averagely. This is no problem if it is what we want. However, if it is not, there is a chance we may look different or even silly, in the eyes of other people. I once heard someone say that to be successful we need to be willing to look silly in front of other people, a lot!

There are many possibilities and outcomes that we can be happy and satisfied about. Consider this: If there is only one thing or one way of doing something, if there is only one satisfactory result, this means the potential to be happy and satisfied is extremely limited. We are then limiting our chances of feeling happy or satisfied. If only one thing satisfies me, then I only have one chance of being satisfied. See? This could be because I was attached to how something should be, or how something should look. What if it’s different to what I have in mind? Does that mean It is wrong and so I cannot be happy?

If I am willing to consider many possibilities and outcomes, I have a much bigger chance of being happy and satisfied.

Sometimes listening to what others have to say can teach us something new. Perhaps there is a possibility I have not considered. Sometimes what others say is so simple we can’t believe we didn’t think of it!

Finally, if I am willing to listen to others and learn, make mistakes, look silly, be different, be courageous, love myself for my uniqueness, consider that all possibilities exist, understand that there are many satisfactory options in all situations… if I can laugh at myself sometimes, be less serious and laugh and sing and dance and play, I will find more enjoyment in life.

What do you think?

Much love and blessings

Ilana Bernstein, Empowervate’s Official Coach

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