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Children get their “wings”

The third annual Children’s Flight took place at Grand Central Airport in Midrand on Friday 6 September 2019.

Despite the weather being the coldest and rainiest day since the end of Autumn months before, the day was a success. The 300 children from various Gauteng Children’s Home and the 4 YCAP champion schools who were invited to attend all had a ride in one of 8 helicopters and had lovely meals, treats, face painting, paper airoplane competitions, dance-offs and at the end of the day they received their “wings” – replicas of badges that pilots wear – to motivate them to work towards being their best selves.

The four YCAP Gauteng schools were:

Doornpoort Primary
Phuthulla Primary
Ndima Primary
Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary

It was also a great social cohesion day as the children from different backgrounds, cultures, races, religions and abilities mingled.

We thank the organisers for making this a magical day that the children will never forget: Felix Gosher, Nicole Olivier, Caylee Oosthuizen and the pilots, air traffic controllers, Airforce General, sponsors and all others who made this event possible. We salute you!

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