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Five years since YCAP changed my life…

Beautiful recommendation from one of our alumna and Support Team members, Roger Mosweu from the Free State province.

When special people touch our lives then suddenly we see how beautiful and wonderful our world can really be.They show us that our special hopes and dreams can take us far by helping us look inward and believe in who we are.They bless us with their love and joy through everything they give. When special people touch our lives they teach us how to live.(Kamohelo Kode, Thabo Ntseki, Mrs Amanda Blankfield-Koseff )…And YCAP!😃
Every time when someone ask me about YCAP I just don’t know where to start Mrs A I feel so excited 😆
I started as a participant in YCAP in 2015 and it was good😃what I can tell people right now is “I AM A PEOPLE PERSON” it taught me how to treat people and how to be a leader not just a leader but a Good one. YCAP is a very good program it also showed me that I am capable of doing anything that I want in life, it taught me how to make a change, it taught me how to motivate people, how to make them feel strong and wanted.
And TODAY YCAP helped Me to:
•Develop the qualities of an effective leader •Help others to become successful •Learn to motivate people for their benefit •Use My skill to inspire others to excellence •Understand and help people with difficult personalities
YCAP taught Me to bring out the best in others. Thank you Mrs A😄

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