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Y-CAP Kick Start Campaign being rolled out across SA

Empowervate is excited to announce that one of our special donors, UTI SA, has decided to add to their contribution with the “Kick Start” campaign that aims to fulfill the wishes of the 2014 Provincial YCAP winners as well as their schools so that they can expand and grow their projects sustainably.

Two schools have already received their prizes at festive events organised by the YCAP educators and learners.

The first event took place at Groenberg Secondary School in Grabouw, Western Cape, where the homework club was officially launched after the successful piloting phase, which formed the YCAP project for which the school won their provincial YCAP and came third nationally. The principal congratulated the YCAP team and their educator, Willa Kock, who supported and motivated the team. The motivational speech by Valda from UTi, Cape Town, inspired us all. The prizes were handed over by UTi and Amanda Blankfield-Koseff, Founder and CEO of Empowervate.

The second event was hosted by Isolomzi Secondary School in Kentani village, near Butterworth in the Eastern Cape where their faction fighting project’s success was celebrated with speeches by the local Headman as well as the local police force and the District Director from the Department of Education. The educator, Clever Togara Mupungu, has also joined the YCAP Support Team as he is passionate about spreading YCAP into more local schools so that there can be more active citizenship for the good of the community. The appreciation speech made by Bongi from the East London UTi branch was well received. Both UTi staff and Amanda Blankfield-Koseff, Founder and CEO of Empowervate felt humbled by the reception where the choir sang praise songs about YCAP which the headmaster composed.

One of the Isolomzi YCAP leaders, a Grade 10 learner by the name of Lukhona Butshingi, wrote this note: “I’ve seen my classmate bleeding to death in front of my eyes. I was devastated! That was the third time I saw a boy from my school saying his last words. He died two weeks before his birthday and he was the most brilliant player at school. He was stabbed and hacked to death on his way home from a soccer match by one of our students at school. How would you feel not knowing who the culprit was yet they still come to your school. Aren’t we all suppose to be accountable for our actions? Faction fighting happens when boys from my village walk through other villages. If you live in a certain village then you are not allowed to walk through other villages. If you do you will be attacked for no apparent reason. This is mainly perpetrated by boys to try and prove how supreme and courageous they are. We’re all fed and the YCAP project team of 2014 has joined hands with the community members and has taken a stand to stop faction fighting. We are doing something about it and have created a support group to help eradicate faction fighting”

The next school to have their Kick Start event are the national champions from Kuruman, Northern Cape, Wrenchville High.

Entries for YCAP 2015 have opened to Grade 7s and Grade 10s nationally!

Gallery – Western Cape

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