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Paying Tribute to Tata Madiba

As South Africa and the world mourn the passing of our great leader, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, who achieved so much in his 95 years, we recognise that he was a great example of an “active citizen”.

The Youth Citizens Action Programme encourages learners to take control of social issues they face in their schools and communities while still at school. Instead of being complacent and waiting for other people, the government or organisations to identify and solve challenges, it starts with us…and Tata Madiba would be proud!

After watching “Mandela: The Long Walk the Freedom”, it became even more apparent that Madiba grew as a person through his experiences. He did not allow himself to become bitter, angry and resentful of the injustices and atrocities of Apartheid. Instead, he kept his emotions aside and worked towards the greater good – creating a free and fair society for all South African citizens. Of course he did not forget the 27 years in jail, the people who were murdered during peaceful protests, the ludicrous race laws that prevented people from living in harmony with each other, but he also had the wisdom to realise that the white supremacy was based on the fear the white minority had that when the black majority came to power, they would be in danger. Madiba transcended the politics and saw people as human beings. He was an excellent judge of character and negotiator, always being respectful and polite when being asked to help lead South Africa into Democracy. Thankfully, he avoided civil war through his message of peace, truth and reconciliation. Let us follow his example and be active citizens who lead the way to a prosperous, fair and compassionate nation.

May His Dear Soul Rest in Peace.

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