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Y-CAP National Champions 2015 Spreading the Word!


What a day! What an experience!

The Y-CAP National Champions 2015 from Solomon Mahlangu High were invited to attend the C Cluster  meeting with 8 districts from the Eastern Cape in attendance today.
Our task was to explain what Y-CAP is and why schools should take part. We explained that it is for Grade 7 and Grade 10 learners nationally.

We showed them the Highlight video from the Nationals  as I felt that would speak volumes. It did!

Then the team gave their presentation which was academy award quality. Absolutely brilliant. For the first time ever Siviwe really spoke with authority and great confidence. He said to me he can’t explain it but he just felt a power surge! How the audience applauded at various stages and then gave them a standing ovation as they went to take their seats.

I then had to speak about the amazing progress of our school. That went well too. Mr Ngaso, the Provincial Director was sitting right in front of me and so it was good to affirm some of what he had spoken about earlier regarding the qualities of a Principal who is effective as we see them in our own Principal.

A lady spoke expressing thanks for our participation. She was so eloquent and so generous in all she said about the team and what she felt they had learned about Y-CAP.

While she was speaking the EDO of a Cradock school asked our acting director if he could take the team and myself to address another High School and do their presentation. So. We did it. I spoke and again encouraged everyone to participate. Then Siviwe, Pamela and Mancapa addressed 300+ learners too. I asked them to speak in Xhosa. I trust them. Another standing ovation as we left!

Then we went with that EDO to the graveyard to the burial site of the Cradock 4 and another ANC activists. Then a well deserved lunch in KFC before sight seeing in the centre of Cradock for Tourism and more photos.

They each wrote these few comments for me for the staff briefing:

1. Today was such an amazing day to remember it was   a great day full of amazing experiences. Pamela.

2. I was so happy about today because it was my first time in this place . I felt important and happy after  the team’s speech everybody stood up and clapped.  Uyanda

3. Today was a fantastic day, because it was my first time to speak in front of High school learners without being afraid. Aqhamile.

4.As we had to give a word of motivation to the learners of the other school, I was so glad and was confident enough to be the first speaker. It all came from  the bottom of my heart. Siviwe

5. Being exposed to these professional settings ,has made me a better speaker and also now I truly understand how to behave around high level people. Kamvalethu

Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Olwen Carson

Social Worker at Solomon Mahlangu High and Y-CAP Support Team member

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