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YCAP National Finalist Receives Microscope


Amazing things happen when you’re surrounded by active citizens!

One of the National Finalists, Endakane High from KwaZulu Natal, presented their project at the National Championships on 23 July in Pretoria. The team’s project, which was about setting up a science lab at their school, impressed the videographer’s father, Malcolm Merson-Davies.

Malcolm decided to donate a 70-year-old Cookes microscope to the new science lab at the school. The microscope belonged to a doctor and is still in good working order – Many thanks to Ian Houston who overhauled and checked the microscope.

Here are the photos that were taken at the hand over of the microscope at the Bergville toll ramp on 12 September 2016. The teacher and Y-CAP mentor, Fisokuhle Fortunate Khoza, was so excited. She brought with two learners, Minenhle Sayed and Luyanda Ngcobo.


May the science lab go from strength to strength. Thank you to Malcolm for his generous donation.

We look forward to hearing about it as an entry into the Sustainability Awards next year!

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