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Y-CAP Toolkit & Videos

We encourage everyone to run a Citizens Action Programme no matter your age at this time of the Pandemic when coming together to be of service is even more urgent than usual.

Start your Active Citizenship journey now and let us know how you managed to do it – we want to share your stories of your challenges, successes, learnings, personal development and positivity that comes from making positive change for now during the Covid19 times as well as beyond.

We all have to find a new normal and you may come up with solutions that will assist us all! It’s up to each one of us. We look forward to seeing your stories on our Facebook page or via email. You can do them as videos or text with photos.

Here are the 12 Steps in a Y-CAP project which was filmed three years ago, so a few steps may have changed a bit since then but overall it is the same. This methodology has been tried, tested, augmented and revised over our 11 years. We have been running the programme as a National Schools Programme with Showcase rounds and District, Provincial and National competitions in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education and our funders, support team members, and sponsors over the years:

Step 1 – Forming a team

Step 2 – Roles and Responsibilities

Step 3 – Research – SWOT analysis, mapping and systemic stairway

Step 4 – Identifying the topic and describing it

Step 5 – Finding the target markets and brainstorming solutions

Step 6 – Action Plan, Budget and Fundraising

Step 7 – Managing the team and doing the actions

Step 8 – Evidence, Impact and Sustainability

Step 9 – Communication and Motivation

Step 10 – Personal and Team Development Analysis

Step 11 – Portfolio compilation

Step 12 – Oral presentation

Email us to get the 2020 Toolkit.

Here are some success stories to motivate you!

A Gauteng Primary School’s Education Project

A Northern Cape School’s Project on breaking the stigma and silence around rape in the community

An Eastern Cape School’s Project on overcoming latecoming, starting a food security programme and early bird club

There are more videos here – please subscribe to our channel to see more as they are posted.

Best wishes to you all. Stay safe and healthy! We will overcome this together!

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