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Empowervate becomes one of the pioneering NPOs on the new Ripple Crowdfunding Platform

What is Ripple Crowdfunding?


  1. Combining Crowdfunding and Crowdsourced Resources – Ripple stands alone in the African continent by coupling the power of crowdfunding with crowdsourced resources. Hence, creating a single campaign in which activists build collaborative change and awareness around their causes and movements, and provide their local & international supporters with 3 distinct channels to contribute.
  2. Amplifying the power of the collective – At Ripple, we believe in the power of the collective to drive change and create abundant possibility. Ripple inspires and activates African communities around the causes and movements they value most.
  3. Actionable dedication to campaign’s success – All campaigns on Ripple are mentored / guided throughout the crowdfunding process, from campaign submission to campaign completion – the level of interaction dependent on the needs of the campaign and their creators. Ripple takes active steps to consult campaigns in presenting their campaigns in line with a strategy that best attracts the greatest number of their target supporters.
  4. Belief in the abundant possibility of Africa – We believe that South Africans and Africans, have a desire to be positive change makers and to address the social and environmental issues that they are drawn to. We want to facilitate the creation of prosperity, healthy natural environments and innovative civil societies.


Why support Empowervate’s campaign?

You can choose how much or little you can afford to donate to the campaign. You get different rewards depending on which amount you donate. It is simple and easy and trackable.

Donate now to our campaign and share it on all your social media and email platforms!


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