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My YCAP experience as an alumna – by Keatlegile Mthimunye

Keatlegile Mthimunye from Gauteng says…

As new learner at a new school, I had low self-esteem. Through YCAP I was able to find who I am and be the best version of myself. Working afternoons and getting home late , my mom fighting with our teacher co-ordinator  Ms Sthembile Dhlamini not understanding what YCAP is and having to explain to her again and again why YCAP is good for my growth.

Making it to the YCAP National Championships as part of the MH Baloyi Secondary School in 2017 was a dream come true. And there I was thinking that 2018 we will make  to the nationals again as our project was complete, and our portfolio was done extremely well. I was wrong – another school at provincial level came with a project that was well-organized and had a great impact on the community. I was so disappointed and angry after the competition. Then I decided that even though I would not be one of the YCAP presenters, I would mentor the next team and make sure that  the project will be for the greater good and will take us to the nationals. 

Overall  I am grateful for the opportunity that this programme has given me, to level to my full potential  and challenge myself.

I realised that it’s not about winning when I saw the joy on the faces of my schoolmates during rainy days and they can go get food without worrying about getting wet because of our project.

I decided to become a support team member so that I can encourage youth to take initiative and be active in the communities they live in. We need to help everyone to realise that problems won’t solve themselves. We need be active and be able to think out of the box.

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