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My YCAP Tale – Thabang Monyeki

It was back in 2016 when I was in grade 10 where one of our teachers came to our class and indicated she is recruiting a team for YCAP. I raised a hand to show my interest and unfortunately my accounting teacher said “Thabang Khotlhwa” (meaning, In Thabang forget) because I had been one of the naughty boys in the class.

I then went to the teacher who was recruiting and insisted I want to join and I can do it. I was allowed to join.

Then we went on with the programme, made positive change in our school and then presented our portfolio and oral presentation at district round, which we won. Then we presented at the provincial round and went further to the national. We obtained position 5, but it was not about winning to us rather the impact this whole project had done on us and our community.

After completing high school I was motivated to work with learners, looking at my background I said to myself, “I’m going to work hard”.

I then went further with my studies which I completed in 2020 and joined the teaching profession and in my first year of teaching, I produced 100% in all subjects!

I really happy with the impact this has done to my life. I then joined the YCAP Support Team am now one of the Support Team managers for YCAP.

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