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Alumnus Success Story – Luke Buys

YCAP: A Journey of Growth and Empowerment

My journey with YCAP is one I will cherish forever. It marked the first time I had the opportunity to travel nationally for an academic competition. The experience was a mix of excitement, nerve-wracking moments, and immense hard work. Research became my closest ally during this time; I immersed myself in it until information flowed like a river.

YCAP instilled a sense of confidence in me that still shines today. Beyond boosting my self- assurance, it equipped me with invaluable life skills. I learned the art of thorough research – distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources, conducting meaningful interviews, and transcribing them effectively. It honed my presentation skills, instilled discipline, and nurtured a strong work ethic. Most importantly, YCAP taught me that hard work yields incredible results.

One profound lesson from YCAP was realising that every race and nation has a unique story to tell, whether one of struggle and pain or diversity and unity (Ubuntu).

After school, I ventured into the performance industry, collaborating with renowned directors and actors. I aimed to make my mark while gaining a foothold in the industry. My journey spanned theatre, film, music, and dance. However, my passion for community and social development remained unwavering.

I witnessed the heart-breaking consequences of young, talented individuals falling prey to drugs and gangsterism due to a lack of positive stimulation. This drove me to use my artistic talents to uplift and empower communities. I introduced drama as a form of therapy in primary schools across Mitchell’s Plain, hoping to spark change and transformation.

I wholeheartedly encourage learners to participate in YCAP for its academic enrichment and stimulation. YCAP offers a unique opportunity to delve into our history, often overlooked by traditional school curricula. It fosters a sense of nationalism and identity, teaching life skills and more.

YCAP equips participants with critical research skills, interview techniques, presentation prowess, discipline, and a robust work ethic. It reinforces the idea that hard work bears fruit, and it enlightens students to the diverse stories within our nation.
As for sponsors, your support can be transformative. YCAP not only enriches the lives of learners but also contributes to the growth of future leaders who will, in turn, shape our world. To quote Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It is in your hands (as the future) to make it a better world for all who live in it.

Thank you for being a part of my remarkable journey

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