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Make the Circle Bigger

By Amanda / November 22, 2015 / Comments Off on Make the Circle Bigger

Imagine if someone gave you your favourite thing (in my case chocolate) all in one go. I mean ALL of it! All that you could ever hope to consume in your life time. Just imagine. How would you feel? My initial thought would be “awesome”, but in reality it would quickly be replaced with feeling…

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Is Knowledge a Burden or Benefit?

By Amanda / November 18, 2015 / Comments Off on Is Knowledge a Burden or Benefit?

Knowledge has become an integral part of our lives. Every kid born has to attain knowledge to survive in this world. In our lifetime I am sure all of us would have asked ourselves ” Is knowledge a burden or benefit”. It is a debatable point. There are two sides to every coin. You don’t…

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How To Overcome Failure

By Amanda / November 13, 2015 / Comments Off on How To Overcome Failure

Failure; a situation in life where we fail to meet our targets. A time where we feel disappointed and depressed but the question is how to make failure a stepping stone to success and not a setback. Following is a story which applies to everyone which one can adopt to surf over their failures. In…

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By Amanda / April 24, 2015 / Comments Off on 5 PRACTICAL TIPS TO CHOOSE YOUR CAREER

A few weeks ago someone said to me that they are confused whether they have a career or a job.. There is a distinct difference between a Career and a Job.. A career is a path that a person follows in a selected field of work and usually lasts a lifetime depending on the interest…

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Empowervate becomes one of the pioneering NPOs on the new Ripple Crowdfunding Platform

By Webmaster / April 1, 2015 / Comments Off on Empowervate becomes one of the pioneering NPOs on the new Ripple Crowdfunding Platform

What is Ripple Crowdfunding?   Combining Crowdfunding and Crowdsourced Resources – Ripple stands alone in the African continent by coupling the power of crowdfunding with crowdsourced resources. Hence, creating a single campaign in which activists build collaborative change and awareness around their causes and movements, and provide their local & international supporters with 3 distinct channels…

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YCAP celebrates 6th birthday

By Amanda / March 22, 2015 / Comments Off on YCAP celebrates 6th birthday

Thursday 19 March 2015. Woodmead, Johannesburg. The media launch and sixth birthday celebration of The Youth Citizens Action Programme (YCAP) took place today. The event was also where the announcement of the official collaboration between The Department of Basic Education and Empowervate, which powers YCAP, took place. A video showing the successes from the past…

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